1. Frankieflowers

    4efte SWAP in Corolla E11 4efe

    Hi guys. i swapped the engine and there are issues to fix. Communication between dasboard and ECU/sensors like RPS signal, alternator doesn’charge, engine check light on. The car doesn’t start at first ignition. It need several cycles before it starts running. The problem happens only when you...
  2. S

    4efe or 5efe ??

    Hi guys , i have a toyota corolla e100 1995 with a 4efe engine and it's blown up , i need to change it ... What do you recommend for me (4efe as the original one or 5efe ???) and if 5efe what do i need to change for it such as ecu or harness or anything else ??? , thank you guys for helping !
  3. L

    LeCid - Reunion Island

    LeCid - Reunion Island - EP91 n/a-T Hi everybody! I'm newest toyota fanboy from Reunion Island...looking for an ep9 actually... 4E-FTE project... I always had a Honda Civic 1989' (first car, from my dad) wich swaped from a 1300cc carbed engine to a 1600cc VTEC MPFi engine, and so I decided...
  4. wildchild

    Help needed regarding 5EFHE, 4EFTE and 4E engine & parts swap

    Hi guys. i own an ep82GT. i also own a sera. and i also have a 4e engine lying around. my project is- Stage 1= Remove the 5EFHE from the sera. pop in the 4E engine. Stage 2 = Then dismantle the 5EFHE and the 4EFTE from my ep and turbocharge the 5EFHE and fix it to the starlet. The wire...
  5. M

    Prepare for stupid question time...

    G'day Glanzo's, I am wondering what would be needed to convert a regular Glanza S '97 4E-FE engine into one with a turbo - as step by step as possible, or list. Would like to swap with the 4E-FTE however that's just not realistic, as I can't find any wreckers with any available here in New...
  6. Jaak

    4EFE Intake Diameter

    Hi, Does anybody know what the diameter is for the air intake system on a 4efe engine? I want to relocate the air filter, but dont know which size silicone pipe to buy. Thanks for any info.
  7. Jaak

    4EFE engine weakpoints

    Hi, I would like to know what are the main weak points of the 4EFE engine are in comparison to a 4EFTE. What parts can I swap from a 4efte, so I can turbo my 4efe as cheap as possible. I know off the following parts: - Wiring Loom, - ECU - CT9 turbo - 4efte intake, manifold and...