EP82 Workshop Manual REQUEST Please contribute.


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EP82 & EP91Workshop Manual **PLEASE CONFIRM ORDERS NOW**

Hey All,

I have found this website on the internet that will publish a workshop manual for all Starlet Models from 1989 - 1996.

I can honestly say that i cannot find a workshop manual for the starlet and i think this is our chance to finally get one published. I think it will BENEFIT everyone who owns the Starlet EP82. There is also the option to get the EP91workshop manual published too.

Now the way it works it that everyone ( 150 People ) will have to request a copy as they need a minimum of 150 in order to publish it. I am asking for the MODERATORS to make this a sticky so that over time we can get those 150 people to sign the request and get the book published.

It will cost approx £40 excluding delivery but a very small fee for the ammount of information that will be enclosed in them. I understand that most information comes from the site and from peoples own experiences but i honestly think that by haveing the manual published it will be a brilliant idea.

The link to the site is:

EP82 Manual:


EP91 Manual:


All you need to do is fill out a simple few boxes an the job is done.

I think in order to keep track of this can everyone who requests a copy put your name down on the list below.

Many Thanks,

Everyone should have received this email with regards to the EP82 Manual.


We now have a sufficient number of requests to translate the 1989~1996
Toyota STARLET Code: WM335 workshop/repair manual. Kindly confirm that
you still want this manual by clicking on the link below. Once you have
confirmed and we still have enough numbers we will e mail again in
regards to a NZ $30 deposit to confirm your order so we can carry out
translation. Please don't confirm unless you will make the deposit as this
will stop the process and not be fair to other people who have made a
Once we ave recieved all deposits translation will take 2 to 3 months.
Sections expected to feature in this manual are as follows:
General information and maintenance, engine, engine lubrication &
cooling systems, fuel & emission con¬trol systems, engine electrical
equipment, clutch, front & rear axle, manual / automatic transmission,
steering, propeller shaft, brake, wheels & tyres, suspension, interior
equipment, trouble shooting and diagnosis.

Can everyone who sent an email for one please start confirming.

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id be very intrested in this, it would be like having a starlet bible...lol. but id like one for the ep91 though.


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Yeah they can do the EP91 but again there will have to be an additional 150 memebers requesting that particular Manual but that is why i need Moderators to make this a sticky to remind people to request one or else it will never get done otherwise.


Hang fire a second...

After a quick trip in the delorean I'm back from the future with this:


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wicked idea

id have an ep82 one how much info will it have

i want as much info as torque settings in it timing well everything really


I've just had a scan through it and it's not a workshop manual - more an owners handbook. Guides you through the care and maintenance rather than the actual repair. Torque settings aren't included for example.


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Thanks Jay,

I have fired off an email to the company to get back to me with as much info as to what the manual will include i will then post this up upon receipt :).

I think we should make a list as we go along so that we can keep track of who has requested a copy i will post the templte in the original post at the top of the page.


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EP82 Workshop Manual:

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EP91 Workshop Manual:

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