Everyone Please Read


Hey folks,

This section allows us to arrange meets, cruises and events inside our local areas. It's a great way to meet likeminded people, chat to fellow enthusiasts and gain some firsthand info from experienced owners who have 'been there, done that'.

All activity is welcome so feel free to organise amongst yourselves what suits you best but please bear in mind the following points:

- The site is there with you.

We don't want our name dragged through the mud, covered in blood or dragged to court over any incidents that may occur. We also don't need unwanted attention from the authorities so don't let us, our other members or yourselves down.

- Please keep it legal.

Many local authorities scan these pages so ensure you are insured, MOT'ed, taxed and otherwise legal before attending meets. If there is a police presence you may regret it.

- Play nice.

What you do and how you act on the road is in your hands but we do ask that everyone uses an ounce of common sense when attending a meet. Be civil, polite and friendly towards everyone. Violence is a no-no.

- Location, location.

Choose the location sensibly. Ideally somewhere out of the way but easily accessible with sufficient parking. Scenery is an added bonus. It's not polite to trepass so if it's private land please seek permission before landing.

- Bring a camera.

Remember those of us who can't attend would still love to see some of the action. If you can manage to, take as many pics as you can. It's good manners to take at least one pic of each starlet and as big a group pic as you can but go with what feels right!

A good meet with plenty of banter and useful info shared is very enjoyable. A chance to see other Starlets and gain inspiration is worth so much more than staring at a computer screen so get organising.

We just want everyone to feel safe, happy and relaxed!


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Well said jay, this is a well run an most helpful owners forum an i'm only new lol. wudn't want any1 thinkin dif.


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To many idiots these days making meets harder to have and attracting all attention from the police ,
Especially in my area anyway.