How many miles from ur full tank?

HK GT Turbo

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I've owned my V for about a month and was wondering how many miles others are getting on their starlet?

I've got basic mods, exhaust, FMIC and cone filter

VPower £60
Miles 300-310

Not bad really ^^

What u lot getting?


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About 230 your clearly much lighter on the right foot than me lol plus i have a few more mods and running 1.1bar of boost lol


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yeah thats really good, im running on my last couple of litres now, but have only done about 420km to a full tank of 95ron, but i lost abit of fuel on my drive fitting my fpr.
i usually do full tanks of shell Vpower, and you really do see the difference in fuel economy. i love the stuff its worth paying the extra bit more


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How can anyone say really? everyone drives differently and drives on a diff geo landscape! some people do lots of m'way driving n some do heaps of b'laning? some do lots of up hill driving n some do lots of town driving! some are chavs n some are not! some drive sensabily n some do not! shall I continue? :)


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my last full tank i got about 190 miles, and alot of that was 60mph motorway driving! the joys off those (power burst) moments