New house :)


The one with the corsa A in the drive :) no it's not mine that's an old picture.
Been wanting to get outa the town centre a while now, looked at places last summer and this was for sale then, never done anything about it.
2 years ago we put 20K into the house, new windows, gas conversion, bathroom, all new floors, stove and more. Thought that was us for another 10 years or so lol
I was wanting to move even before we put the 20K into the house but Danielle wasn't keen at all, didn't think we would be able to aswell. Then summer past there I said fuck it we are moving, I NEED a garage lol.
This place was still on(more about that later)so we went and viewed it, decided a few hours later to go for it. Put our house on market and made 35K profit, payed the remainder of the mortgage off then took another mortgage on lol,
When the figures are worked out we are 160£ a month less on the mortgage payments and will be 200 when the GT comes home from storage :)
We have a bigger house all round, nice gardens and most importantly a big garage, 3.5M X 7.5M. The GT will be at 1 end in the workshop area lol and the other end will be my gym and kickboxing Dojo :)
House does need some work but we got it for about 40K under the average street price, we will need to put maybe 10-15K into it to bring it up to spec but sure that will add to the value and we will be up money on it then :)


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Fabulous! House looks great as well! Nice long drive, super jealous!

Definitely want a cheeky pic of the GT in its new home =)

Good luck


Cheers folks :)
Chatting to the neighbour earlier and he asked me had I been through the trap door yet ? Yea I said I was in the roofspace yesterday why. No not there lol he said, trapdoor in the cupboard under the stairs. Leads to a cellar, goes under the whole house and is about a metre high. Can access all the ground floor socket wiring and the central heating pipes, that will be very handy as the gas conversion is happening at the start of December :) really cant complain about the oil system currently running but its wild dear, and smelly and messy when you need to work at it. Our old place when we switched cut the yearly bill from 1800ish to just under 600 and we weren't using more than a 10er a week 95% of that year lol
More fannying about today clearing shite, Yaris with the wee trailer done 3 runs to the dump lol, took a battery, gearbox and a cooker to the scrappy made 16 quid lol
Need to take the old roofspace insulation out for Thursday for the woodworm boy coming to spray all the timber, garage aswell then new installation and when the price of sheet wood comes back to sensible prices its getting floored and converted into another room, decent enough space and not rafters everywhere like the old place, wood a cracker Scalextric track room lol


Have not stopped since this time last Friday :) the mate called in earlier and done the gardens. Thought he was just coming for a look about and a catch up, half an hour later they had the gardens looking great after years of being neglected :)
I've been struggling the last while with my head but the new place and knowing I have mates that will do random acts like this really means a lot :)
Garage is how I want it sitting for the millionth time this week lol, have enough room for the GT to sleep at the back and the front I've the bench and bag setup an all :)


Starting to look like a garage lmfao, lintils need done badly tho, considering just bricking the rear window up as it's an auld rattan wooden frame job :( plus big massive hedge behind it blocks the light, still gets a good shine through tho.
Hopefully this week coming I can get the final layout sorted, there has been many lol.
Currently running 2x double sockets with a few extension leads threw in for good measure sure :) I've another 6 double sockets from the old fish tank and various things there for tomorrows fun, 4 along each side should do.
Bedroom lights are getting swapped for LED down lights, have them sitting there, had to go get some earth sleeve, need 20 foot max but screwfix only sold 100M spools ffs so if anyone local needs some I'm yer Man :) grabbed 25M cable for the sockets and when i was leaving I spied the 4ft LED batons on clearance so I grabbed 4 for the Garage. Currently it has 2x 6ft double fluorescent lights, 3 bulbs out of 4 work, roofspace has the same but only 1 light and 1 bulb away, so the old lights will go into the roofspace to make 2x working double tube lights.

Have 2 trees in pots to plant aswell, I shall keep that exciting chapter for tomorrow, 1st time I've had gardens looool :)
i see you have quite the job ahead, but it will all come together in the end.

and i also spotted some gym here's some workout inspiration for you..i'm sure Jay can give you a lending hand if needed with the weights :D