NEW..power up kit for CT9!!


NEW..power up kit for CT9!! pics added!!

hey lads,
we've been having a few inquiries from people who want to use external wastegates on their CT9's to cure boost we've decided to make a manifold to fascilitate this. the manifold is not a direct replacement for the O.E.M unit..therefore the turbo sits in a different location. to use our manifold you need a new de-cat and oil we've decided to offer the everything as a bolt on kit. we can make the same manifold to run with the regular internal wastegate also. components can also be purchased invidually if you guys wished to do so.

manifold specs--
*1.5" inch runners
*3.5mm thick mild steel
*tig welded to perfection.
*12mm thick mild steel flanges
*solid 12mm brace
*can be painted black/grey

downpipe specs--
*stainless separated de-cat (if set up w/internal wastegate)
*stainless de-cat (if set up w/external wastegate)


*CT9 mild steel manifold without external w.gate otion--$300usd shipped
(CT9 mild steel manifold w/external w.gate option(flanged for tial 38mm)--$325usd shipped
*downpipe to suit (will bolt onto any cat-back system)--$240usd shipped
*oil feed--$65usd shipped

if purchased together--$600usd shipped.

also please note that the stock water feed lines can be used. the manifold also leaves much more space between the turbo and oil filter which allows you guys to get rid of the stock restrcitive intake and make one up that flows much better. pictures to follow in a few days be patient!

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hiya sacha.

sorry i didnt realise you didnt already avertise these. Ive sent some members your way (which is why your prob posting this up) as people were eager to know where my manifold for external wastegate etc for the ct9 was coming from!

Good Luck with it! Cant wait for mine to arrive! :)

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lovely, get some pics up and let us know how you get on kelly
I'll let you know how it is to fit and also get kelly to get her camera out :)

Should be a similar setup to my old External wastegate setup which worked perfectly so hopefully will have a good setup.



yes thanks kelly,
i really appreciate you reccomending our product. :)

YES..the manifold fits with the stock radiator and a/c. the kit really is a good bank for the buck specially considering you get everything you need for $600usd. there are no fitment issues with the manifold..just bolt the old one off and put our one need to shorten bolts/studs etc.

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the hybrids are on hold at the moment mate.

you have to purchase the external wastegates separately. thanks!

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