Project 'Nannygeddon'


your very welcome sir - a lot of people choke when they hear how much a paint restore can cost, but its when people see how much the original materials cost+time taken+travel, it really not a worthwhile business proposition unless your at top class motors with top class price tags.
I only ever do it under request for friends as a result lol!
dont be afraid to pm should you have any Q's, ill be happy to answer!
Thanks for the rep too - appreciated! thats me nearly at 800 now :D
Cheers for that Alan dude, will look into that product.

What you did for the car was the icing on the cake so to speak.

Thanks again


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Fantastic, beautiful wee motor. Love it! Well done to all the people who worked on this wee car, it was definitely worth the work. There rare in red too, very very nice work!!


Are them TOMS wheels on the first page from your old track gt jay???

Sure are mate. Holding on to them for the sequel...

Worth adding a update to this thread as the build is progressing ever onwards. Upgraded the Levin brakes to WMS four pots today. Really impressive bit of kit and will make all the difference in stopping ability. The Emanage Ultimate is in thanks to Chris @ CCM in Crossgar, running 1 bar on the CT9B with a ported manifold and Blitz downpipe. Seems to be pulling it's weight but there's talk of a bigger turbo in the near future. Nice to see a project evolve in progressive stages, makes a change from any of my own!

On with the pics:










Cheers lads, the Levin calipers were showing their age a little. Needed overhauled as the driverside one was binding at high speeds. As you can see there's no half measures with Joz lol.

His old calipers will be put to use elsewhere as I see them as a great setup which just needs some cash spent on them.



A quick update to say this car is now for sale.

Copied from Joz's Bakebook :

1998 Toyota Starlet Turbo Conversion
Super Red II
Cherished project which began in 2006
Two owners from new
Logbook present with service history
Under 60k genuine miles
Tuned and engineered by respected local tuners and mechanics.
MOT until Dec 2014

Price: £4500

Full Spec List
1.3 4EFTE Turbo Engine Conversion (Engine fully refreshed)
Subaru TD04L
Racetech Turbo Kit
Racetech Exhaust
Emanage Ultimate
Apexi Boost Gauge
Blitz Dump Valve
Blitz Turbo Timer
Innovate Wideband Gauge
Autogauge Tachometer
Meister R Fully Adjustable Coilovers
Blitz DSBC Spec R Boost Controller
Drivers Corbeau Bucket Seat
Factory option leather effect seats
Kenwood CD Player
Toms Style Front Bumper
Full Genuine Glanza bodykit
WMS 4 Pot Brakes
Rays 15” Gramlight Alloy Wheels in White