1. W

    EMS Stringer 4424 v4

    Anyone Here Using EMS Stringer 4424 v4? how is the ecu, what are the advantages and disadvantages....
  2. W

    Plug And Play ECU for TDO4

    Is it safe to run plug and play ecus on Tdo4 Turbo with stock internals? (fuel/timing/boost/knock) no risk? is it giving more bhps same as ct9 for tdo4? any experiences
  3. W

    Plug And Play ECUs

    Looking for any kind of PNP ecus for starlet gt turbo 4efte (for 2 socket manual ecu harness), Access Blitz, Jam Racing, Mines, Toms, Buddy Club Black Box, Farina Racers, Ricoh, TOM's TECS, KS Rom, DORF-R, PAL Sports, SARD Analyse anything etc... if anyone have put a mail to
  4. R

    For sale Jam Racing Ecu

    Im selling my Jam Racing Ecu for 4efte M/T 2 socket. Never been opened Seals are intact I'm asking $350 (USD) Pics to follow Send me a pm if interested
  5. R

    LF: Jam Racing Ecu M/T for ep81 or ep82 (4e-fte engine)

    I'm looking for Jam Racing Ecu, post or pm offers. Thanks!
  6. Spence10

    Starlet bits

    Hks fcd £40 UnichipQ £20 Titan Red Wheel Nutts 4 packs off 4.. £40
  7. Spence10

    Gt turbo Ep82 parts winter collection build etc

    All for a White gt *Toms Spoiler... *Mid spoiler.. *Oil temp/Pressure Prosport Gauges.. *Race spec Rocker Cover in great condition colour not preferred.. *Decent aftermarket Catch can.. *Aftermarket ecu..
  8. P

    Ep91 Apexi Power FC, Hand Commander, Fc hakko cable, 3bar map sensor. Package deal!

    Item For Sale: Ep91 Apexi Power FC, Hand Commander, 3bar map sensor. Item Condition & Description: Im not gonna bore you with and indepth description of what the unit can do. But the short end of the stick is, that its a plug and play fully programable ecu! The unit and all included...
  9. D

    Emu Usb Driver!

    From where can i download a usb driver for windows xp ?? Anyone can send it to me or something? Thanks
  10. D

    Wanted : Emanage Ultimate with harness.

    Wanted eMANAGE Ultimate to ship to malta :)
  11. S

    Looking for a emanage blue or a mappable ECU

    in need of a mappable ECU
  12. wildchild

    WANTED: E-MANAGE Blue & injectors & MAP sensor

    Looking for an e-manage blue with harness & either 300cc, 330cc or 340cc or similar capacity range injectors. Also on the lookout for a turbo MAP sensor (89420-10020 or 89661-10040) Need them posted to Sri Lanka. Pls let me know. Thanks in advance :)
  13. wildchild

    Chassis number HELP!

    Guys i bought a standard ep82 GT (conversion) and there seems to be a problem in the MAP sensor. I need a MAP sensor with the number 89661-10040 (MA5450) Since i couldnt find a used one i want to order a new one from the toyota dealer and for that i need the VIN or chassis number of an...
  14. Sheldon

    Jam racing ep82 ecu plug and play

    For sale: JAM RACING EP82 plug and play ECU Item Condition: good working order, works perfectly.. some cosmetic scratches etc, non will effect performance Price and price conditions: 500gbp + postage and fees Extra Info: plug and play ecu for the starlet gt turbo by JAM RACING, we all know...
  15. F

    auto to manual conversion - car now wont start!? help :)

    hi basicly i have a 1998 glanza v which i have just done a manual conversion to which i took the engine out to do as i had other parts to fit so was easier to take the engine completely out, basicly i have everything hooked back up now and i have bridged the wire from the big plug on the autobox...
  16. ryan_v

    Apexi Power FC EP91

    For sale:Apexi Power FC Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £590 Extra Info: Comes with ep91 loom and map sensor Pictures: Contact Details: PM Location: Carrickfergus Co Antrim N.Ireland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Collection or post at buyers cost
  17. Pierros

    Apexi Power FC + Commander

    Apexi Power FC + Commander (ep91 or ep82) For sale: Apexi Power FC (Ap Engineering) + Commander Item Condition:Used working perfect, excellent condition Price and price conditions: 900euro (around 730pounds) + paypal fees + shipping Extra Info: Available for Glanza EP91 (also at same...
  18. dark_knight

    best way to disable the car electronically

    i'm not sure this is a taboo topic to discuss here but i was wondering, what's the best way to disable the car (say when installing an alarm system)..? i'm thinking more of disabling the car both from starting and also disabling it when already on the move. - disabling the fuel pump..? -...
  19. C

    HKS FCON ECU, no loom, easy to wire???

    Im currently running a standard 4e-fte but i have a whole TD04 kit and all i need is an ecu Thinking of buying a hks f-con off a fella but he has no loom with it Can i wire this easy without a loom?? Thanks
  20. YaroGlanzo

    Greddy emanage blue + N75 boost valve -> How much psi ?

    Hey guys, just wondering how much torque could the 4efte's stock rods handle . I am asking this because i am testing an emanage blue on my 4efte and i have connected a N75 boost valve on it, borrowed from a VW Passat 20VT . This valve can be used typically as a boost controller...