LIGHT WEIGHT Boot-Lid for EP82 *Updated 23/08/10*

We finally got a Light Weight Boot-lid for the EP82 made:rockon:

I will post up pics this week once it gets sprayed.

We made this one with a material called "woven roving" with a layer of frp on top.

The boot-lid weighs only 2kg :rockon::rockon::rockon:
You can easily lift it up over your head with your little finger:cool:

I will be fitting a polycarbonate rear window (one that doesn't fade) in it tomorrow so once that is fitted the overall weight to the bootlid will be approx 3.5 kg - 4 kg:p

These bootlids will still use the top hinges for opening and closing. Catches / Pins will be used at the bottom of it to secure it.

Pictures will be up on Tuesday / Wednesday.

Approx price for complete Light weight boot-lid made from woven Roving with polycarbonate window fitted will be 390 pounds ;)

Please note that these are for off-road use only. Ideal for Drag Racing.

An questions please ask:)

I fitted one of these today. I am now waiting for the customer to mail me the photos of it.

It fitted fine, straight on and looks good!

The standard boot-lid weighs 20KG. The light-weight one weighed in at just under 4kg so there is a 16KG weight to be saved


Just to add to this one, I weighed a standard bootlid minus the glass, spoiler and wiper motor for comparsion and it was 25kg.

That makes for a serious weight saving on these.



South East England Area Rep
i would like too see some pics also, seems these might be quite popular for those wantin too save as much weight as possible for track days/drag


Ulster Area Rep.
I've one of these upstairs, still not fitted it yet though, need to get my finger out.

Really good job.