1. dark_knight

    clutch vendors

    anyone heard of these lads, TORQUE. here's one of their products;
  2. Arnold

    Lost my gears! Help please

    Hey guys Car has been set for a week and when parked, it was running alright. Drove it about half a mile but my gear lever went soft / no resistance. I tried to downshift into second and there was nothing there, the engine just revved as if I was in neutral. I managed to get first and parked...
  3. dark_knight

    pressure plate spring 'stamps'

    hey lads and lasses.. just a quick one; took out my clutch kit for routine inspection and found that it had a different 'stamp' on the pressure plate springs compared to another i had that came off a different glanza. wanted to find out if the '3H' and '3F' mean anything, perhaps the 'stiffness'...
  4. mark1991

    how much power can a exedy stage one clutch?

    my 82 is running 0.7bar on a standard ct9 and has an exedy stage 1 clutch fitted a month ago and i think it is slipping....? how huch power can they take?
  5. R

    clutch problems

    i just put a new engine in my starlet and the clutch is definitely not right, the clutch pedal is hard to press down and springs back up very hard. is this because the lines need bled? or could it be, because i used the old clutch that came attatched to the used engine i put in?
  6. E

    Clutch options

    Hey, i am a complete newbie to the whole car world, i am having to replace my clutch as it is slipping badly, i am trying to decide between heavy duty and just your standard clutch, i hear that if you have a heavier duty clutch then it will put more strain on the gearbox etc. is this true? If...
  7. G

    Clutch for EP91 needed

    Hi Guys, Looking for a clutch for the aforementioned car, my beloved Glanza. Whether it be standard or uprated (Exedy or ORC or whatevs), please PM me with the details and what shipping to Luxembourg would cost. Payment with PayPal preferred. Many big fat thanks. Cheers, Marvin
  8. Farley

    Bargains For Sale, HKS SSQV, FORGE DV, KYB SHOCKS, MR2 Wheels, Clutch

  9. K

    Juddering Problem :(

    Hi guys, my ep82 has recently developed a problem that i fear may be quite bad. Ive had it about a month and a half and used to run it on unleaded, until about 2 weeks ago when a mate said i should be running it on superunleaded. So i made the change, and i noticed the increase in performance...