Too much left lock and oil leak


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I'm new to this mechanical stuff and bought a 1995 Toyota Starlet but I've been having a few problems with it:
1. It seems to be leaking alot of oil over by the area where the belt is
2. Whenever I lock fully to the left the wheel rubs the lower control arm alot but when I lock fully to the right I have no rubbing. It also allows me to rotate the wheel 1-1.5 turns more to the left than the right.

A few pointers on how to deal with these problems would be greatly appreciated


Hey bud.

There's a few seals that can perish on that side of the engine so best bet is to clean up the whole area best you can and run the engine whilst watching for leaks. That should give you an idea which one is at fault. If that's not getting you anywhere start at the top and work down:

Oil cap seal
Cam cover seal
Cam seals
Dipstick tube seal
Crank pullet seal
Oil pump gasket
Engine sump seal

The problem on that side is as soon as the oil hits the belt it's flung up, down and backwards making diagnosis a bit difficult.

Fire us a few pics of what you can see, just in case it helps (you should be able to attach images from your phone hopefully).

In regards to the steering I'd say it would be worth having 4 wheel alignment checked and adjusted. The guy doing it should be able to advise if something is up mechanically. Wouldn't take much to knock the geometry out with the roads locally.

Hope that helps,



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The steering rack issue sounds like someone has fitted the rack without making any effort to centralize it.

Should be a reasonably quick fix, but you would most likely need alignment afterwards as it will throw everything off
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I have one, oil filter housing. That's where my oil Leak was coming from!
Snap ! Lol, also Toyota oil pump bolts like to loosen over time I found working at the celicas

Steering, sounds like something had took a knock maybe ? When jacked upand shook about is there any play or noises bud, how are the bushes on the arm etc