Whose done a 5E Conversion?


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This is something I would love to do a 5e engine,tdo5 kit and 4x4 shell... I would be a real happy boy then :drive: around in a super starlet Mmmm SOME day I hope....


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heres the deal

american 5efe's had fhe rods until 95

so 92-95 5efe's in america are fhe rods

jdm 5efe's had the skinny rods

5efhes had thick fhe rods until later like around 96-97 then they changed to the skinny rods in the fhe's

american 5efe's will hold way more power than a jdm 5efe

lol i can go order fhe rods over here for cheeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppp as they were in every 5efe from 92-95 as standard equipment

also we have another head that is completely different from what you got

it flows better, has a better design, its a totally different head

it has a larger combustion chamber by about 10-15cc's more squish area and the gasket is .16 mm

truly you guys should investigate the DIS head from america

the injector angle is different you can see more of the back of the valves on the DIS head than the regular 4e/5e

put simply its a better head

also it gives you better control over the ignition through the distributorless setup

blah blah blah its better

you didnt get it we did

neener neener neener

but seriously you should check it out

as for how much power they can take

ive seen unopened 4e's make 290 AT THE WHEELS with only an SAFC

what you think a .2 liter larger motor with thicker rods can do?
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some people have pushed them a bit, i remember bullettooth ran his glanza at 1.4 bar on a td04l setup and it lasted 3 months. it was driven hard though.


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yer but 290 atw is like 320 bhp

runnnig a td04 at 1.4 bar would be like 270 bhp so around 240 -250 atw

not saying it cant be done but surely it would need more than just a SAFC ?????????


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The most I ever ran was 1.4bar on the stock 4E and got 260hp out of it. so 210-220atw?

American dynos are scaled slightly different from ours I'm led to believe so produce higher figures.

*awaits the hale of abuse*



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i assumed it was always the 5e's that run these higher figures, 290 is a helluva lot for them pishy 4e rods, as said, with an SAFC, its not asif you can get the map pretty much spot on with only an safc, and with it not being a very accurate map, any sort of pre ignition. and banana rods here i come.


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bit more work putting a 3sgte engine in, than changing pistons, rods, and the head around.

and sparky, all that rod stuff has been tested, or so ive been told, and apparently the slightly thinner rods, found in the glanza's,and the late spec gt's.