1. Matty_ep82

    Wanted Fujitsubo legalis R exhaust system

    Alright, has anyone got a fujitsubo legalis R exhaust for sale. Sick of my loud blitz system and looking the fujitsubo or something just as quiet, cheers.
  2. I

    Exhaust manifold. Wanted

    WANTED. Looking for a aftermarket exhaust manifold. Any condition as I just want it for one of the flanges. Cheaper the better. Pm please.
  3. N

    Wanted!! Japspeed 4 1/2" exhaust baffle

    Does anybody have a japspeed exhaust baffle they dont want or have laying around and can post. Mine seems to have dissapeared :S
  4. Corleone

    HKS Exhaust, SS Mani, Cast Mani, CT9/CT12 Hybrid Turbo, RX7 TMIC

    Having a clear out of my shed. Few old starlet parts for sale. All prices include delivery prices to mainland UK. Discounts for collections from Brighton. For sale: HKS Silent Hi-Power. Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £130 Delivered DEPOSIT TAKEN Extra Info: Dont think it...
  5. G

    Ep91 de cat help please

    If I buy a decat pipe for my glanza. Will it fit like another Mani later on in the future when I buy one. It should do shouldn't it. They should be all the same. The waste gate side. Thanks
  6. G

    Wanted de cat pipe

    Anyone have a decat pipe for glanza. Thanks
  7. J

    5zigen pro racer zz is too quiet ?

    Basically i brought a 5zigen pro racer zz for my glanza, My car is pretty much standard apart from this engine wise, It is so quiet its barely noticable. How can i make it louder ? Is there baffles i can remove or anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you josh :)
  8. dark_knight

    de-cat exhaust tune

    de-catted my exhaust and now not really liking the tune it's playing.. :/ anything i can do to spruce it up..? running a blitz air element and kakimoto exhaust.. any ideas..? think i'll just baffle it for now until i can find something to do with it.. :)
  9. H

    EP91 Exhaust System Wanted - Ireland

    Hi lads, I'm looking for an a standard/aftermarket exhaust for my 98 Glanza V. If anyone has a backbox with connecting pipe either I'd be interested too. Cash waiting :homer: Cheers
  10. dark_knight

    decat anyone?

    i've been wondering if i will get any benefits from de-cating my exhaust. my current setup is; a kakimoto straight-thru racing exhaust - 2.5", apexi suspower LM filter. all else is stock on my respiratory system (intake & exhaust). my curiosity leads me to wonder if: a) will there be any...
  11. D

    Looking for Exhaust piping for ep82

    Wel guys iv bought a Blitz exhaust for my ep82 but need piping now .....theres a full ep91 exhaust system on the car which the previous owner put on the car but want to put it back to ep82 set up......anyone send me in the right direction wit places to buy or who to ask please post below. id...
  12. J

    Fujitsubo Power Getter Exhaust System

    As above, I'm after a Fujitsubo exhaust. Was all geared to potentially buy one and got rather excited about it, but then the owner decided not to sell, so I thought I'd put this up and see if anyone elso have one they're willing to sell? Also I've noticed there are two types one with a...
  13. B

    Should my cat over temp light come on if I've got a de-cat???

    I've got an ep71 with the stock 2e-te motor. The previous owner has removed the cat and fitted a dump pipe with the Exhaust Gas Temp sensor plumbed into it. Should my cat over temp warning light be on all the time now with the extra flow going past it? Or does it mean the sensor is faulty? I...
  14. B

    Should my EP71 have an o2 sensor???

    I've got an EP71 with the stock 2e-telu motor. Its having issues with idling high and pinging under boost. At first, i thought it was the coolant temp sensor. Did a sweep test on it and its fine. Next i tested what i thought was the o2 sensor... but it turns out (pretty sure) to be a...
  15. N

    exhaust on a budget??

    hey hey, im needing an exhaust fairly soon ( was pulled by speed cops friday, was told if i never changed exhaust in 21 days would be charged:eek: .. is rusting an blowing like a bitch! would love a nur spec but sadly cant really part with that kind of money at the moment.. anyone know what...
  16. D

    Exhaust Picture Request's (Blitz/HKS/5Zigen)

    Hi all, I'm trying to make my mind up about which exhaust to put on my Glanza... Its either going to be a Nur Spec, Hi-Power Silent or 5Zigen Pro Racer ZZ All of which can be found here... http://www.monstermotorsport.com/trolleyed/96/index.htm Does anyone have pictures and possibly...
  17. K

    Whats the best manifold for the ep82?

    where can i get a high quality manifold for my gt as mine keeps cracking after racing hard?
  18. K

    blitz or hks?? which is the best?

    :confused:Has any1 got a blitz or hks exhaust system??? whats the best full exhaust system for the starlet ep82 running at 200bhp? write back as im wanting to buy 1 this week....................... sound :confused:
  19. K

    What is this?!?

    Hi guys. Basically, i was underneath my car emptying the oil sump and i noticed this: http://i559.photobucket.com/albums/ss37/tomio88/02102009310.jpg its damage to part of the exhaust system, but i dont even know what that part is for :noidea: , or how bad/costly the damage is or if its...
  20. pig666eon

    exhaust help!!?!!

    hi fixin up the glanza and on the exhaust now and as you can see i have cable ties holding it on i have already gone through 2 different mounts and both dont even come close to being right cant find anything to deal with it i even have been in with a exhaust specialist and they...